In 1996, Abmarac Corporation rediscovered the abundance of quality chilli peppers in the country. Caramba was then incorporated in 1997 with goals of introducing and providing premium quality Filipino products to the global market, contributing to the Philippines’ export revenue and opening agricultural opportunities for Filipino farmers to benefit from. By utilizing the locally grown crops for its products, Caramba has given Filipino farmers a means by which to compete and earn in the global economy and provide an avenue to showcase the excellence of locally grown produce. ​​

The current production has grown ten times as much as the initial, every bottle brimful of only the finest chilli the Philippines can offer. During its expansion in 2006, the company transferred the Caramba plant from San Juan City to Quezon City, to meet the rising demand of the local market and serve export sales.

Today, Caramba, has four varieties of chili sauces from mild to hot (Chili Verde, Chili Rojo, Habanero, and Chili Fuerte,) and other delectable sauces such as their Tomato salsas, and Spicy Barbecue Sauce. These ubiquitous products by Caramba are every Filipinos’ favorite spice ingredients, where it is easily spotted in anyone’s kitchen pantry and on tables served in popular restaurants, and cafes such as Shakey’s, Yellow Cab and Pizza Co., among others.

You may find them in major supermarkets such as SM Supermarket, Cash & Carry, Landmark Makati, and Shopwise. The craze has not only reached selected stores in provinces, but is also being distributed across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North America and other countries and cities such as Japan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Morocco.


CEO of Abmarac Corporation, Ray Orozco’s love and passion for chili peppers, pleases to introduce the local specie of chilis to the international market for everyone to get a taste of the ambrosial flavour that reeled him to the point of obsession.

Orozco was also assisted by Food Technologist, Dr. Raymundo, the Dean of Food Sciences Department in the University of Philippines, and Vilma Patricio, a top Graduate of the University of Philippines. Both were involved in developing the first product, Caramba Chili Rojo, launched in 1998.