For over two decades, Abmarac Corporation has been manufacturing the country’s best-selling Caramba hot sauce products, using our farmers’ locally-grown produce. When the first bottle of Chili Rojo humbly earned its success in 1998, it eventually compelled the business to expand to more crafted sauces and dips with higher heat levels and unique hints of flavors to suit the Filipinos’ taste palate. Not only do these flavors give life to every meal, but they also exude great value for their versatility in food pairing, perfect texture consistency and long shelf life.

The company slowly opened its market to other countries and intends to make a bigger mark on the globe as a staple for Philippine products. It is being distributed in areas around Asia, Middle East, US, and Europe. Caramba sauces may easily be found in most favored restaurant chains and supermarkets locally, or you may simply buy them here.

Creating hot sauces doesn’t end here. The company believes that the secret of every dish is after all, in its sauce. Since there is a growing demand for manufacturing sauces and condiments, its affiliate company, WeBlend Incorporated, was established in 2014. In WeBlend, clients have the opportunity to request for customized sauces for their food ventures. Other frozen food and condiments are also available on sale and delivery for direct consumers and resellers.

Certified Halal

Certified ISO